EMV Kit Questions

How does the EMV (Express Measurement and Verification) kit work? With the Bert® EMV (Express Measurement and Verification) kit, you can easily measure your true plug load and actual savings. Simply plug in the Bert®’s to the devices that you want to measure and after 2 weeks, you will have a detailed energy usage baseline for each device. Actual power usage is available graphically by hour, day, week or a user- defined period. You can even export the detail data to Excel with a single command.
Why is the Bert®  EMV kit better than other metering devices?  The Bert® EMV Kit is specifically designed to measure detailed plug load. Lower priced metering devices only capture instantaneous or average power readings. Bert® captures detail data hourly by device and automatically loads the data into the Bertbrain reporting application so you can analyze the data graphically by hour, day week, month or other user-defined periods. Bert also provides real time usage data updated every 8 seconds.
Why do I need detailed metering and reporting data? Many devices such as water coolers and coffee machines use more power during the working day when they are in use. Electronic devices such as copiers, printers and monitors have a sleep or energy saver mode that reduces energy use. The Bert® EMV kit uses specific hourly data so savings are based on the actual hours that a device will be turned off.
What devices should I measure? The best devices to measure are the ones that use the most energy. Typically, soda machines, water coolers/fountains, coffee machines, copiers and printers use the most power. Other devices such as overhead projectors, display monitors, lecterns, and cable boxes are also good candidates. Actual power usage can vary widely based on the age and size of device, but the Bert® EMV will help you figure out which devices to control.
What is included in the kit? The Bert® EMV kit includes 12 Measurement Bert®’s, a Bert® configured router, and the Bertbrain 1000M application. You only need a Windows laptop with Windows 7, 8 or Vista.
What are the steps to the audit?
  • Connect each Bert® to Bertbrain 1000M through the Bert® router. This step synchronizes the clocks on the Bert®’s and allows them to appear on your console.
  • Choose which plug devices to measure and plug these devices into the Berts®. Enter the device name for each plug load you are measuring into the Bertbrain 1000M application.
  • Let Bert® gather data for 1-2 weeks. Bert® will always be actively logging the measurement data for up to 14 days whether it is on the Wi Fi network or not.
  • Unplug the Bert’s and take them back to your office. Upload the detail data by connecting the Bert’s to Bertbrain 1000M with the Bert router. The measurement data will automatically load into our reporting application.
  • You are now ready to analyze the Bert metering data either graphically or by exporting the data to Excel for further analysis. Power usage and savings calculations are available for each device by hour, day, week or month.