Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question Answer
What does Bert® stand for?  Bert® stands for Best Energy Reduction Technologies.
What does Bert® do? Bert® is a plug load management system that allows you to measure, analyze, and control plug load for hundreds or thousands devices throughout your organization. With Bert, you can measure actual energy use at the plug load level, analyze the data to find an optimal schedule, and remotely schedule/control devices individually, in groups, or by location.
How does it work? Bert® is a system of addressable 110V smart plugs that run on your existing 802.11 Wi-Fi. By simply plugging water fountains, copiers or vending machines, etc. into the Bert® 110, energy and facility managers can easily and remotely turn off these devices when the building is unoccupied.
What devices work best with Bert? Bert® can control anything that plugs into a 15 AMP/ 120 Volt receptacles including vending machines, water fountains, copiers, printers, monitors (excluding computers), projectors, lecterns, smart boards, laptop charging carts, water coolers, space heaters, coffee machines, test equipment, refrigerators, TV’s and room air conditioners.
What does Bert® measure? Bert® measures the actual current and voltage to calculate watts used and reports the data back to our BertBrain software. You can capture and analyze historical usage of power by hour, day, month, year or any user-defined period.  Analysis reports are available by individual device or by user-defined groups.  You can also use Bert® to create a base line level of energy usage to calculate savings during audits required for performance management contracts.
What does Bert® analyze? Using the Bertbrain software, you can analyze your actual energy use in the context of your facility’s operation schedule and create on/off schedules for each Bert. Once your analysis is complete, each Bert® can be scheduled individually or in user-defined groups such as device type (WATER FOUNTAIN), physical location (SECOND FLOOR), and location type (ELEMENTARY SCHOOL).
How does Bert® control my plug load devices? Individual schedules are stored in the Bert. Your devices can be automatically turned on/off up to 100 times per week. It is easy to adjust schedules for summer hours or holidays.  An override feature allows a facilities manager to power down groups of devices, like vending machines or water heating equipment, with a single click.
Will Bert® harm the compressor on a vending machine? Bert® has a special version designed for a vending machine that will not turn off your vending machine until the compressor has stopped running. Since Bert® runs your vending machine on a schedule, you do not have to worry about cleaning crews or security guards turning on your vending machine when your building is unoccupied.
How does BERT® differ from a timer? Bert® measures and analyzes your plug load data remotely thus enabling intelligent mass control over your plug load devices. Timers can only turn devices on/off and must be manually reset for power outages or time changes.
Will there be any additional Bert® products? Yes, the Bert® family will soon include an inline, or hardwired, product capable of measuring and controlling an entire circuit for both 110 and 220/240. The first inline products will be released in Q3 of 2013.
What can I control with the 220/240 Inline Bert®? Bert® 220/240 will control large room air conditioners, water heaters, large copiers.
Is Bert® patented? Yes, Bert® has two patents, with seven more pending.
Where can I buy Bert? Bert® has a network of qualified resellers including ESCOs and Building Automation Vendors. Please contact Bert® at 484-690-3820 or so we can set you up with the right supplier.
Does Bert® have a warranty? Yes, a one-year warranty. An extended warranty is available as well.
How much energy does Bert® use? Bert’s averages less than 1.5 watt hours of power consumption .
Does Bert® qualify for rebates? Bert® has received rebates from numerous utilities. Utilities often have prescriptive programs, for vending machines or plug load, or custom programs, for energy efficiency projects. Rebate amounts depend on the rebate rate and the amount of power saved but typically ranges from $15 to $25 per Bert. Please contact your local utility or Bert® at 484-690-3820 or for additional information.
What is Bert® favorite color? Green, of course!