IT Questions

On which network should I run Bert®? You can run Bert® on your main Wi Fi network, on a guest network, or you can create a subnet specifically for Bert.
Does Bert® require a static or dynamic IP address? Bert® works either way. You can assign a static IP address or the address can be dynamically assigned.
What protocol does BERT® use to communicate with the BertBrain application? Bert® uses standard UDP (User Datagram Protocol).
What wireless network security environments does BertBrain support? Bert® supports WEP, WPA2, and WPA2-Enterprise.
I have WPA-Enterprise, how can I attach Bert® to my network? Bert® attaches to your network using MAC address authentication. Bert® does not currently support RADIUS server authentication.
How much network traffic does Bert® cause? Bert® generates uses minimal network bandwidth. Each Bert® message is less than 160 bytes.