Setup/Administrative Questions

Who installs the Bert®? It is up to you.  Either you can install Bert® yourself or you can contract for installation services with your local supplier.
What kind of computer do I need to run the Bert® plug load system?  The Bert® software runs on a Windows Vista, 7 or 8 computer with wireless capability. By Q2 2014, our software will be cloud based with mobile features for setup and support.
What happens to Bert® if the Wi Fi network goes down? Since Bert® stores the schedule in the plug, Bert® will continue to operate using the current schedule indefinitely. Measurement data is stored in the Bert® device for up to 14 days. Once communication is restored, Bert® will automatically check for new schedules and transmit stored measurement data.
What happens to Bert® if it loses power? Bert® easily handles power interruptions, since Bert® stores its schedule, SSID, passphrase, name, group etc without power. Once power is restored the Bert® clock resets and normal operation resumes.
Can Bert® handle changes from Standard to Daylight Savings time? Time changes are automatic because the Bert® has an internal system clock.
Can you move Bert® plugs to other locations once they have been scheduled? Yes. Unplug Bert® and move it to another outlet with another device to control, and then apply a different schedule to the Bert, if needed. You can also rename the Bert® for its new location.
Can Bert® be administered in a group? Yes, the group feature allows multiple Berts® to be measured, analyzed, scheduled and controlled together. The groups are user-defined and unique to your facility. For example, all water fountains on a campus; or second floor accounting; or all projectors and lecterns in classrooms; or vending machines in Building A can be . Berts can be in multiple groups at the same time.
I have multiple buildings; do I need multiple copies of BertBrain? No, Berts that run in different buildings can be managed by a single centralized instance of the BertBrain software. You have the option to use multiple instances of the Bertbrain software for individual buildings or groups of buildings.
Will I know which devices Bert® is controlling? Yes, each Bert® has a unique MAC address and a unique name. Choosing an intelligent name for each Bert® when they are first installed makes identification easy.
Do Bert’s get stolen? Most Berts are not visible because they plugged in behind a plug load device (copier, water fountain vending machine). Bert® can also be secured into the outlet with tamper proof screws.
Does Bert® serve as a surge protector?   No, but look for a new Bert® that will provide surge protection and GFCI in 2014.
Can I plug a power strip into Bert?  Yes, power strips can be plugged into Bert® so you can easily control all of the devices using the power strip.