"Bert with measurement allowed me to see what each device, or group of devices, was using. This allowed me to make a schedule I could trust."

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The Power of Bert® Plug Load Measurement

Bert Measurement

The Bert® Plug Load Management System combines Wi-Fi enabled hardware, a sophisticated analysis and control software, and a unique power measurement capability to create a powerful savings solution.  Bert® allows you to measure actual energy use, analyze potential savings, create schedules to control your energy use, and make detailed savings reports. With Bert® facilities managers have an unprecedented ability to monitor and control plug-based load throughout the enterprise.

How Bert® Helps Control and Manage Plug Load

Bert® helps you achieve peak performance, making sure that equipment is available when it’s needed and ‘off’ when it’s not. Many facilities are closed more hours than they are open. With plug based load accounting for an increasing amount of energy consumption, effective plug load management is important for any facility or energy manager. Because Bert® leverages your existing WiFi infrastructure, you have the power to schedule devices, continuously monitor energy use, and alter schedules or on/off states on the fly.

Measure: Creating Savings Benchmarks:

Using Bertbrain 1000 and a measurement-enabled Bert® allows you to create savings benchmarks that reflect the actual energy use of your devices during the ‘off’ periods that you define. To create a savings benchmark, simply plug your device into a measurement-enabled Bert® and keep it in an ‘always on’ mode during the benchmark period.  You determine the appropriate benchmark period- day, week, month, etc. Once your benchmark period is complete, run a report of hourly energy use.

Analyze: Energy Use Reporting

Our plug load system now includes a full reporting database that allows you to capture and analyze historical usage of power by hour, day, month, year or any user defined period.  Analysis reports are available by individual device or by user defined groups. Plug load consumption can be measured by device i.e. individual water cooler, all water coolers or just water coolers in a particular building or by location such as floor, building (s) or a specific type of building such as elementary schools.  Historical comparison of plug load can be viewed by hour, day, week, month, or year.  All of this information is collected by our Bert 110 plug and stored in our Bertbrain software application.  The measurement product can also be used as a data logger to establish the base level of plug load consumption for savings calculations and even investment grade audits required for performance management contracts.

Control: Creating Optimal On/Off Schedules

Once you have analyzed your actual energy use in the context of your facility’s operation schedule, you are ready to create on/off schedules for each Bert®. Schedules can be applied to individual devices, or groups of similar devices.  For example, you may choose to group devices within a particular building or you may choose to group similar devices (such as water coolers or LCD displays). Since the schedules and energy usage will be based on the usage of your specific equipment in its actual environment, you can create control schedules that optimize savings.