"Bert helps me measure my energy use, analyze the data to find an optimal schedule, and control devices throughout my facility."

It’s more than just a timer. It’s intelligent mass-control for everything.

Mechanical timers are yesterday's solution to controlling devices.

Back in the day mechanical timers provided a simple solution for turning on and off equipment according to a fixed schedule. But mechanical timers have limits. They need to be programmed individually, it’s a lot of work to reprogram them, and what happens when there’s a power outage?… ugh!


Bert® is today’s Measurement, Analysis and Control solution

Bert plugs provide today's solution to controlling hundreds or thousands of devices.The Bert® plug load management system is generations beyond the mechanical timer or other one-dimensional devices. Bert® provides the ability to measure energy consumption, analyze flexibility and create schedules to provide the control that today’s facilities managers need to manage the growing number of plug-based devices. The combination of the Bertbrain 1000 control software, your Wi-Fi network, and individual Bert® hardware allows you to instantly control hundreds or thousands of devices across your facility.  With a single click a facilities manager can power down groups of devices, like vending machines or water heating equipment, to instantly shed load. Office equipment can be scheduled to turn on and off, up to hundreds of times per week, with our group scheduling feature.  Bert® is your Measurement and Control solution!

The Power of Measurement

Bert® can measure the energy use of each device, allowing you to see graphically energy use and identify potential savings. The measurement feature allows you to document ROI and create optimal schedules for each type of device.


Bert Energy Savings

Compare energy use and savings by device, location or other variable.

 Circuit Level Control

Bert 220IWith the 110 and 220 volt inline products mass control can be extended to entire circuits. For example, a single Bert® 110I can control an entire lighting circuit.  A Bert® 220I can control higher voltage units like window air conditioners.

The WiFi Difference

Bert® is the only device on the market that can schedule devices to go on and off using standard 802.11 WiFi signals.  Our patented technology is innovative and unique… while leveraging the ubiquitous WiFi network that your facility is probably using already.

Other Protocols

Some other manufacturers have created control systems that use other communications protocols, like Zigbee, X10, or proprietary standards. Zigbee networks often require additional nodes to complete the network. With Bert® you don’t need to install a second network, or place ‘dongles’ throughout your facility– since Bert® communicates effortlessly over your existing WiFi network.