Abundant Applications make Bert® the facilities manager’s best friend… controlling plug-based load throughout a facility.

Bert® is an effective energy measurement and control device for the hundreds or thousands of plug-based devices and circuit applications throughout your organization. Bert® is your remote control… for EVERYTHING!

Because it can control anything that plugs into a standard 15 AMP/120 VAC outlet or runs on a 110 or 220 VAC circuit, Bert® provides the versatility and flexibility for nearly any enterprise.  Whether it’s controlling hundreds of water coolers within a facility, or providing the ability to cut power to non-essential uses during a load-shedding event, or cutting energy use when facilities are not in use, the Bert® plug load management system provides powerful solutions to a whole host of applications.  The measurement capability provides the knowledge you need to create schedules and document savings. Read about how different clients are using Bert® to control energy use, reduce costs, and enhance control of the equipment in your facility.

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