"Bert saves me time. Now we don't need to go from suite to suite powering-down devices. Bert does it for us with a click of the mouse."

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Bert®: Convenience & Control

For Chicago’s Soldier Field, controlling the equipment in in the many luxury suites is a constant challenge.  Whether it’s saving money when the stadium is empty, or turning off light-generating TV screens during concerts, Bert® provides the speed and convenience that Soldier Field needs, and saves labor costs and customer interruptions in the process!

Bert provides convenience to Chicago's Soldier Field.

Soldier Field controls equipment in luxury suites with Bert.

Every luxury suite contains the amenities that patrons expect– such as refrigerators and TV’s. But as the NFL’s first LEED-certified stadium, patrons also know that stadium managers are using power wisely.  Bert® plugs allow management to control the equipment in each suite, ensuring that both customer experience and energy-saving goals are being met.

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