"We have energy-using water fountains in every building in the district. Luckily, we have WiFi everywhere too. Bert provides the control solution we need."

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Receptacle Control Using WiFi

Big school districts have LOTS of chilled water fountains- so receptacle control is imprtant.  While districts are happy to provide cool refreshing water, their facilities manager recognized that there’s no reason to spend money and energy cooling water when buildings are empty. And 7000 is a LOT of water fountains!

Bert receptacle control for thousands of devices across an enterprise.

Bert® provides facilities manager the receptacle control solution which can schedule and control large numbers of similar devices across an enterprise. The facilities manager can schedule the fountains to go off when schools are closed.  While it would be virtually impossible to reprogram 7000 mechanical timers to adjust for summer hours or mid-year vacation schedules, with Bert® rescheduling is a snap… or ‘click’… just modify the schedule and apply it to the proper group of devices.  It’s that easy.

Click HERE to read how Joliet School District is using Bert® to control devices across the district. Receptacle control is easy, and can be implemented across buildings. Each water fountain is plugged into a receptacle. Putting traditional timers at each fountain is not practical, as there are so many. Rescheduling is difficult. With Bert receptacle control can be done remotely with WiFi, making the job easy.