"Bert allows me to measure savings and report by device type, building, or other logical grouping."

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Facility wide Control

If you manage a larger facility, facility-wide control helps if you are responsible for many types of equipment in multiple buildings. Bert® is as flexible as your WiFi network, allowing you to reach anywhere your wireless signal travels.  For many managers this facility-wide control means the ability to measure energy use and control equipment in any building on your campus.

Facility wide control

Water coolers, vending machines, office equipment, TV’s, lighting… the list goes on.  Most larger facilities have a huge variety of plug loads to manage, located in different buildings and possibly different geographic locations. Bert® allows the facilities manager the ability to  measure energy use and control equipment anywhere that your WiFi signal reaches. Equipment can be grouped based on type (like water cooling equipment), or building (with specific building operating hours), or based on individual area managers (like dining services or residence life).

Facility wide control saves time as well as money. Turning equipment on/off in different buildings saves labor as well as energy. Let the electrons do the walking. Let your staff do more productive work.