"Because Bert can tell me how much energy each device is using, I know with certainty how much energy reduction I'm getting during a load shedding event."

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Load Shedding

Load shedding is important for colleges, and many other large institutions, participating in demand response programs and is an increasingly important part of energy plans. Demand side management and load shedding programs pay institutions to meet specified demand reduction targets.  In the past institutions reached out to employees with last minute email pleas asking people to turn off unused or non-critical equipment.  Faced with poor response, often because people are not on campus during these hot summer afternoons, facilities employees are left to scurry around campus and turn off what they can.  Yet institutional energy reduction goals need to be met.

An electric point-of-use water heater

Bert® provides facilities managers the ability to turn off non-critical equipment at a moment’s notice. The measurement feature allows managers to see how much energy is currently being used, allowing them to know with certainty how much load is being reduced.  Faced with a utility notification of a load reduction event, the facilities manager can power down groups of Bert® plugs with a single click.  Within seconds power consumption is eliminated.  Equipment can either be powered up manually when the event is over, or Bert® will turn the equipment back at the next regularly scheduled time. It’s that easy.