"Bert allows me to track usage by type of device, department or building."

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The Power of Bert® Measurement

The Bert® Plug Load Management System now allows realtime measurement and analysis of actual energy use at the plug load level.  Our comprehensive reporting system With Bert® facilities/energy managers have an unprecedented ability to measure, analyze and control plug-based load throughout the enterprise.


Bert Energy Usage Reports

With Bert’s measurement and reporting capabilities, facilities managers can know where energy is being used.

Energy Use Reporting

The Bert® Plug Load System includes a full reporting database that allows you to capture and analyze historical usage of power by hour, day, month, year or any user defined period. Plug load or circuit-level consumption can be measured and analyzed by device i.e. individual water cooler, all water coolers or just water coolers in a particular building or even by location such as floor, building (s) or a specific type of building such as elementary schools. Since all of the energy usage is collected by the Bert®  and stored in our Bertbrain® software application,  historical comparison of plug load can be viewed by hour, day, week , month, or year. Bert® system can even be used as a data logger to establish the base level of plug load consumption for savings calculations and even investment grade audits. Measuring and verifying energy savings for performance management contracts is now a simple task that can even be done remotely.

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