Facility Automation Integration

Facility Automation Solutions, Inc. of Jacksonville Florida designs, engineers and implements a full range of automation solutions that make buildings more efficient and comfortable. While FAS is successfully controlling energy use in major systems like HVAC and lighting, they realize that providing the ability to control plug-based load would provide significant additional value to their customers. The Bert® Plug Load Management System extends the savings that FAS can offer its customers by adding measurement and control of plug load to their portfolio of energy savings solutions.

Facility automation can be done remotely with Bert plug load management

Plug load schedules can be programmed using SentryLogic

“Bert® easily integrated into our web based SentryLogic monitoring system, and provides our clients additional opportunities for savings and control,” says FAS President Brad Howald. Recognizing that plug based loads account for 20-25% of energy use in many building types, such as offices and education, Howald was well aware of the savings potential. “It’s one thing to know the savings opportunity—but another to know how to seamlessly integrate the ability to monitor and control a wide variety of devices into our existing systems,” Howald continues.

Savings from facility automation can be captured by Bert plug load management

Graph of plug load savings from Bert

The Bert® Plug Load Management system is a patented Wi Fi-based technology that allows individual Bert® plugs to be scheduled and controlled remotely. Each Bert® has a microprocessor that measures energy usage, stores on/off schedules, and communicates wirelessly with a software control program. “While Bert® is available with its own control software, Bertbrain 1000, the technology has been designed to easily integrate with 3rd party energy management or building automation systems” says Scott Yetter, CEO of Green Power Technologies.

“Bert® easily integrated with our SentryLogic system, which is the web-based control system that many of our clients use,” says Rick Daber, Vice President of Facilities Automation Solutions. Each Bert® plug communicates over Wi Fi using the UDP protocol. The Bert plugs were configured to communicate with the IP address of the SentryLogic system. The SentryLogic system uses Bert®’s communications standards, allowing the system to both send and receive data to the Bert® units. Clients can both monitor energy usage when devices are on, and provide scheduling commands to power down devices during off hours. “The integration provides the best of both worlds;” says Daber “clients can extend savings to include plug-based load, while maintaining the same web-based reporting and control system we provide for the rest of their facility.”

About Facility Automation Solutions: Combining decades of experience in the mechanical systems industry with expertise in today’s leading automated control technologies, Facility Automation Solutions designs, installs, integrates and services solutions that ensure your buildings operate at the highest level of efficiency, with the highest level of reliability. More information can be found at www.facilityautomationsolutions.com.

About Bert® (Best Energy Reduction Technologies) Plug Load Management System. Bert® lowers commercial energy expenses up to 60% by automatically and remotely controlling the power consumption of thousands of plug load devices via a standard 802.11 wireless network. By building and patenting our system around industry standard Wi Fi (802.11) network technology, Bert® is the only Plug Load solution that lets our customers utilize their existing networks and control their plug load in mass and is available in plug and circuit level configurations.