IT Requirments for Bert®: How it works on your network

IT Checklist

Bert® uses your facility’s existing WiFi network. Here is a quick checklist that provides the basic IT requirements that you will need to operate Bert® plugs over your network.

Your WiFi Network

Bert® runs on your existing WiFi network.  You may use your main wireless network, guest network, or create a subnet specifically for Bert®.

Network Encryption

Bert® is running on networks that use WEP, WPA2 and enterprise.


Bert® measures energy use and reports data back to the control software.

Bertbrain 1000 Control Software

Bert® plugs receive commands from the Bertbrain 1000 control software from Windows-based software installed on your network.  The software runs on Windows 7. Plugs can receive commands from specific computers using Fixed IP addresses.  Bert® can also be set up to receive commands from multiple users within a facility, utilizing priority level scheduling.

Other Tech Tidbits

Each Bert® plug has a unique MAC address and receives a static or dynamic IP address on your network. Bert® uses UDP to communicate with the Bertbrain 1000 control software.

WiFi and Power Interruptions

Bert® can even operate without WiFi coverage or power. Each Bert® contains a microprocessor so that it can store either preprogrammed or network schedules in areas where WiFi coverage may be intermittant or nonexistent. If power is interrupted the Bert® maintains its schedule for about 20 hours without power. Bert® automatically checks for new schedules as soon as WiFi coverage or power is restored.

IT Requirements