Looking for a Plug Load Measurement solution that uses WiFi?

If so, the Bert® Express Measurement and Verification Kit is for you.

Most facilities managers know there are huge potential energy savings in plug based loads, but the challenge can be identifying the most cost-effective loads for a plug load management system. The EMV kit allow a facilities manager to implement a plug load measurement solution that is tied to a WiFi based control solution.

The Kit includes Bert plugs, analytic software and a pre-configured router and makes it even easier to get control over your plug-based loads. The kit allows you to benchmark actual energy use for the specific equipment you would like to control and build a solid business case for plug load management across your facility.


Within days or weeks– you determine the optimal benchmarking period– you’ll have the hourly energy consumption data you’ll need to create optimal on/off schedules and build a business case for your enterprise.

The EMV Kit features:

  • Plug and play operation
  • Independent of your network
  • Collects data from YOUR equipment
  • Analyze results with Bertbrain software and determine optimal schedules
  • Control energy use with Bert®

The kit costs $1,495.00 plus shipping. To order contact Bert at sales@bertbrain.com


To learn more, you can download our Frequently Asked Questions.

Click HERE to download an overview PDF.