"The EMV Kit allows me to quickly establish savings benchmarks using my own equipment, as it is actually being used."

Bert® EMV: Express Measurement and Verification Kit

Download the Bert® EMV Product Sheet

With Bert EMV getting started with Bert® is easy. And now the Express Measurement and Verification (EMV) Kit makes it even easier to get control over your plug-based loads. The kit allows you to benchmark actual energy use for the specific equipment you would like to control and build a solid business case for plug load management across your facility.

Bert EMV

Within days or weeks– you determine the optimal benchmarking period– you’ll have the hourly energy consumption data you’ll need to create optimal on/off schedules and build a business case for your enterprise.

The EMV Kit features:

  • Plug and play operation
  • Independent of your network
  • Collects data from YOUR equipment
  • Analyze results with Bertbrain software and determine optimal schedules
  • Control energy use with Bert®

To order contact Bert at sales@bertbrain.com

The Bert® Advantage

Bert® has many advantages over products such as timers or occupancy sensors. Most timers only hold a single schedule. Bert® can use multiple on/off times that will accurately reflect your facility’s true operational hours. When holidays or summer breaks dictate schedule changes, new schedules are sent to Bert® with the click of a mouse. Since Bert® is on your network, Bert® does not have to be reset manually like timers after a power outage.  Occupancy sensors may turn vending machines on when your building is unoccupied. Your drinks don’t need to be chilled when the cleaning crew or security guard walks by your vending machine at night.  Thanks to the simple mass remote control with Bert®, your plug loads can easily be part of a load shedding or demand curtailment program.

The Bert® Plug Load Management System

The Bert® Plug Load Management System consists of the Bertbrain 1000 software application, your Wi-Fi network, and a virtually unlimited number of Berts®. By simply plugging water coolers, coffee machines, printers, copiers, etc. into the Bert® Smart Plug Series (Bert® 110, Bert® 110M and Bert® Vend) or wiring circuits with the Bert® Inline Series (Bert® 110I, Bert® 110IR and  Bert® 220I) you can remotely measure, analyze and control all of your receptacles and circuits. Bert® runs on the existing Wi-Fi network so all devices can be remotely controlled in mass.  Each building can have a unique schedule, thus turning equipment off during nights, weekends and holidays when buildings are unoccupied. The Bert® Plug Load Management System installs quickly so energy savings are immediate and payback is 1 to 2 years.