Demand response programs, building certification programs such as LEED, and energy-reduction initiatives makes plug load control increasingly important.

The idea behind plug load control is simple- while large energy uses like HVAC and chillers are relatively easy to identify and control, much of a facility’s energy use runs through individual 115 v/ac outlets. Plug load control means providing the ability to monitor and control the energy use of water fountains, monitors, televisions, office equipment and countless other devices that are plugged into traditional outlets.

Bert provides a scaleable solution to plug load control that allows a building owner to turn on and off devices at the plug level according to pre-defined or ad-hoc schedules. The BertBrain software allows devices to be grouped into logical categories- by device (like water fountains), or area (like the main lobby). Each device or group of devices receives a 7 day a week schedule with virtually unlimited on-off commands to provide plug load control capabilities that were previously impossible.

While behavioral solutions to plug load control, like encouraging people to turn off their equipment before leaving for the day, have short term benefit plug load control devices like Bert provide for sustainable energy savings.