Plug load management systems are becoming increasingly important as facilities managers search for ways to reduce energy use, while satisfying the needs of building occupants. ¬†Bert provides unique WiFi based plug load management systems that use a facility’s existing WiFi infrastructure to control plug load. Each Bert unit can be programmed to store 7 day/week schedules that allow energy use to be controlled at the plug level.

For example, consider an office building that is open weekdays from 7 am to 6 pm and closed on the weekends. A plug load management system can automatically shut off power to devices like computer monitors, printers and vending machines when the office building is not open, reducing energy use by over 60%.

The latest version of Bert includes a metering capability that allows energy consumption of individual devices to be metered and recorded by the control software. Energy usage reports provide energy managers with the ability to reduce energy bills while meeting the needs of facility occupants.

Plug load management systems have been shown to have significant potential in reducing energy use. Universities, offices, retail spaces and industrial facilities can all benefit from reducing plug load.