Plug load measurement is an important first step in creating a control strategy and business case for an investment in plug load control devices.

Numerous people have conducted plug load measurement studies that show the enormous potential for saving electricity by controlling devices at the device level.  The Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkely Labs publishes and plug load measurement table showing the number of watts of electricity used by a wide variety of devices ranging from computers, USB hubs, printers, phones, DVRs, set top boxes and CRT monitors. They measured an average use of 131 Watts for a laser printer, for example. Controlling devices like this at the plug level translates directly into energy and dollar savings.

Bert provides a powerful control solution that starts at plug load measurement.  Each new-generation Bert measures wattage electricity consumption in real-time and reports the data back to the Bertbrain software. Business managers can use the plug load measurement data from Bert to build powerful ROI cases, establish optimal schedules, and produce summary savings reports.