Now WiFi controlled receptacles are a reality. As standards such as ASHRAE 90.1 come into place, energy managers are searching for WiFi based solutions that can utilize a building’s existing technology infrastructure.

The Bert WiFi controlled receptacles allows building managers to control plug load in individual receptacles within a building.  Bert uses wireless communication (WiFi) and stores on/off schedules in a microprocessor that is mounted on individual receptacles within your building.  Any receptacle that is within reach of your WiFi signal can now be controlled.

The ASHRAE standard says that buildings should have 50% of their their receptacles set up to be in ‘auto-off’ mode.  Bert can help facilities managers and energy managers comply with this standard by setting automatic on/off control of receptacles throughout a building. The facilities manager sets a schedule for each receptacle within a building.  Schedules can be individual, or receptacles can be placed into groups- like monitors or water coolers, or locations like the east wing, or the basement. Since many buildings are closed nearly as many hours a week as they are open, an intelligent WiFi controlled receptacle like Bert can help reduce electricity use and cut plug load.

Many building managers are working to keep current with best practices for building automation and control. For managers who use existing building automation systems to control major devices, adding in WiFi controlled receptacles is an easy addition.  Bert’s communication interface can send and receive data from the Bertbrain control software, or the units can be easily configured to communicate with a proprietary building automation system.  The plugs communicate using the UDP protocol. The Bert communications library allows systems developers to send and receive information from individual receptacles and integrate with existing scheduling routines for the rest of your facility.

Bert’s unique WiFi receptacle control capabilities represent an easy step toward ASHRAE compliance.