Why Bert? The choice is clear.

The Bert® plug load management system is a better way to control your facility’s energy management. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Knowledge is Power

Any best practice starts with knowledge. The Bert® system starts by monitoring energy consumption for each device. Energy usage reports are then analyzed and translated into optimal schedules for savings that are based on your facility’s schedule and needs. Bert® with measurement gives you the knowledge needed to save power.

Simple Scheduling

Bert® has intuitive but powerful scheduling features. Enter the times the device should go on and off each day. The schedule can be applied to individual Bert® plugs or groups of plugs, like ‘2nd Floor office equipment’ or ‘Area Lighting’. Schedules are sent to the plugs via WiFi and stored in Bert®’s microchip brain.  It’s that easy.

Bert allows you to schedule hundreds of devices, individually or in groups.

Reduces Energy Costs

The EPA estimates that 30% of energy usage in commercial buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. Bert® fixes all that by stopping phantom load and cutting power completely when facilities are not in use.

Leverages Standard Protocols

Because Bert® uses WiFi, there’s no special wiring required. Just login to your existing WiFi network to configure and manage all of your Bert®s, even from roaming laptops.


Bert® software supports single or multiple users to providing maximum flexibility for your building’s particular maintenance needs. The single-user accommodates the solo operator. The multiple user version helps a team manage multiple groups of Bert® units aligned to different energy control schedules.


Bert® software scales to manage up to 10,000 Bert® units from multiple computers on each software license. You can program up to 100 commands weekly. And you can assign usage groups to your devices, with different schedules for the different groups.