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WiFi Receptacle Control is here!

Energy and Facility managers seeking a solution to measure and control circuits and receptacles now have a solution that is part of the Bert Plug Load Management System.  The Bert® Plug Load management system has moved beyond individual device or outlet/receptacle control with the new Bert® Inline Series.  The Bert® Inline series measures and controls a single outlet/receptacle, multiple outlets, receptacles or an entire circuit from 120V/20 A to 277V/20A.

wifi receptacle control for 220 volt applications

Bert 220I

Consider an office or apartment building with many window air conditions or PTAC units. Individual rooms control the thermostat settings, making it difficult for building management to control energy use or respond to a utility load shedding event.  Now the facility manager can control the units remotely with Bert® 220I, our inline unit that is rated up to 250 V/20A.

Or consider the energy manager of a school district searching for a solution to control energy use in classrooms. While students or teachers could remove plug based units, the Bert® 110IR (Inline with Receptacle) provides a unique solution.  Since the Bert 110IR replaces your existing receptacle or outlet it is difficult to remove while easily allowing devices such as air conditioners to be plugged in so they can be measured and controlled. by a the occupant.  Now your energy manager does not have to worry about anyone blocking control of an air conditioning unit so it can be easily turned off when the building is unoccupied.

wifi receptacle control with a plug

Bert 110IR

Bert also provides other Inline Products such as the 110I and the 277I.  The 110I enables measurement and control of anything from a few outlets/receptacles to an entire circuit of receptacles/outlets or example.  The 277I enables measurement and control of indoor or outdoor lighting or any other load that is less than 277V and 20A.  All of our inline units are controlled with our software application and your Wi Fi network so schedule changes can be made quickly and easily for summer hours or special events.

Each Bert® inline unit works in harmony with other members of the Bert® family, measuring and controlling devices, receptacles, circuits and vending machines with a unique solution that leverages the power of your Wi Fi network to control energy use while meeting the needs of building occupants.

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