Meet Bert®

Bert®  helps you measure, analyze and control plug load throughout your facility. Using your existing Wi-Fi network, Bert Smart Plugs and Inline units and our Bertbrain Analysis software, you can finally gain control of the hundreds (or thousands) of plug-based loads across your facility.

The Bert® Plug Load Management System

Bert Smart Plugs











The Bert® Plug Load Management system includes Bertbrain software, your Wi-Fi network, and a virtually unlimited number of Bert Smart Plugs and Inline units.

Each Bert® contains a small microprocessor that measures instantaneous energy consumption and connects as a device on your network. By simply plugging water coolers, copiers, TVs, vending machines into the Bert® Smart Plug Series or wiring your circuits with the Bert® Inline Series you can remotely measure, analyze and control all of your receptacles and circuits.  Each Bert® is named, and can be scheduled individually or in groups.

Read About Bert®

Click on the link below to read a white paper describing how the Bert® plug load management system can help control energy costs in your facility.

Download BERT Whitepaper.