Bert Controls Small Things and Delivers Big.

Building Intelligence for Plug Loads and More.

Secure, Scalable IoT-Ready Plug Load Control

Bert’s patented, wireless plug load management solutions help commercial buildings save money and improve efficiency.  Bert’s turnkey solution uses the existing 802.11 Wi-Fi network and includes hardware, software and integration gateways for traditional building automation systems and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Bert delivers centralized, real-time control and management for loads not managed by a BAS or other energy management system.

How Bert’s Plug Load Control Solution Works

Bert helps school districts, colleges, local governments and sporting venues save 10 million kWh every single year.

Bert Delivers Big Plug Load Energy Savings

One of the fastest ways to make a building more efficient is to eliminate overnight standby loads. Roughly half of the plug load energy expense occurs while the building is empty.  Save big by turning uncontrolled loads off nights, weekends and holidays with Bert Plug Load Control.

Does Plug Load Control Make Sense for You?

Let Bert do the math for you. We enter the building types, sizes and kWh rates into our proprietary modeling tool. The tool calculates the expected number and types of plug loads by building.  Using actual occupancy hours for each building, Bert estimates energy savings based upon standby load data and energy usage patterns from similar projects.

Bert Keeps Plug Load Projects on Track

Bert’s support team has the resources and expertise to successfully manage even the most complicated plug load control project. Our turnkey installation plan includes sophisticated data models and cloud-based audit and installation tools that keep partners and users updated throughout the project.

We don’t turn a system over until every Bert is scheduled and the post-installation savings report is completed. In most cases, projects are completed within 6 – 8 weeks.

Bert takes responsibility for the entire project:

Preliminary Savings

Investment Grade Audit

Pre-Installation Planning

Hardware & Software Installation

Integration Services

Scheduling & Training

Measurement & Verification

Our Energy Solutions Partners have installed 40,000 Berts and counting.






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