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Bert Delivers – Implementing Plug Load

Implementing plug load control works best with an experienced partner.  Even though plug load energy savings is considered low hanging fruit, it represents a small piece of many performance contracts.  Therefore, ESCOs must be confident about their partners’ ability to quickly and efficiently deliver maximum energy savings before adding plug load control to a project. […]

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Visit us at NAESCO’s 35th Annual Conference & Vendor Showcase

We’re looking forward to our 5th straight NAESCO conference. Meet Bert CEO, Scott Yetter and Southern Area Business Development Manager, Kirk Rodgers in Orlando and learn why leading ESCOs included Bert’s industry-leading solutions in over 80 performance contracts. Hint: It might be our rapid payback, quick deployment and proven implementation methodology. Bert’s patented wireless solutions […]

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See Bert at the 7th Annual ESC Market Transformation Conference

We’re heading to Atlanta for the 2018 Energy Services Coalition Conference on October 4th and 5th. Please visit us at the exhibit expo to learns why Bert’s industry-leading hardware, software and integration solutions for plug and hardwired loads improves performance contract economics. By controlling “everything else” in the building, Bert delivers big energy savings. We […]

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Can I Calculate Plug Load Energy Savings Without the Exact Number of Devices or the Standby Loads?

Yes, it’s possible to calculate potential plug load energy savings without having detailed device information using an automated savings calculator. While the estimate will be less accurate than an estimate using actual device counts and standby load data, it is often sufficient to determine whether to proceed with a detailed audit, especially given the fact […]

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Bert Provides the Missing Piece of the Energy Management Puzzle

Welcome to Bert’s new blog, Small Things. The blog will feature topics related to the control and management of commercial plug and hardwired loads.  Based on our conversations with ESCOs, building operators and BAS vendors, we know these loads aren’t well understood, even though they’re the largest source of energy usage in many commercial buildings. Whether […]