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Control Air Scrubber Energy Usage with Bert

Are portable air purifiers part of your building’s reopening plan?  If so, you may want to consider adding Bert’s Plug Load Control solution to your air scrubbers. Bert saves money by automatically turning units off nights and weekends and restarting them in the morning before rooms are occupied. This reduces each purifier’s annual electrical expense […]

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Plug Load Management Helps Commercial Buildings Save Energy

Plug load management helps commercial buildings achieve energy reduction goals. Plug load management lowers whole commercial building energy consumption by 10%, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Viewed individually – plug and process loads seem small and inconsequential to many. Yet plug loads represent the largest electrical end use in many buildings. The […]

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On the Road with Bert: NAESCO Conference & Vendor Showcase – Booth #31

Bert will be in La Jolla at the NAESCO Annual Conference & Vendor Showcase November 13-15th. We look forward to meeting you in Booth #31.   Bert’s patented wireless solutions use the existing network to manage devices and collect building data from over 40,000 miscellaneous electric loads in 800+ buildings.  ESCOs rely on Bert’s to deliver […]